Albright Ideas® Instructions for Table Top Tradeshow Display Setup

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1. Pull all components out of carring case. Setup the table top cover on your table. Center the cloth on the table. instruction step 1 picture
2. Table Top Display Instructions 1 Set up the skirt by attaching the clips to the table edge about 6 inches apart. Face the clips so the hook and loop attachments are facing out toward the audience.
3. Attach the skirt to the table using the hook and loop attachments Skirt Setup
4. closeup whole shot Set up the backing by pulling on the center of the spider structure until fully opened. Note the RED corner pieces should be placed at the bottom of the structure. (Base red pieces are shown on left side in this picture)
5. Place the upright sections by opening the folded magnetic supports and inserting the spring loaded tabs together. Then clip the supports to the frame at the top, middle, and sides as shown. closeupone supportall supports
6. closeup of attachmentdistance view Add the front panels by clipping the panels to the top of the display unit. Press the edges down so they attach to the magnetic strips
7. Add the light to the top by slipping it over one of the upright supports as shown. light placement
8. Place the tradeshow unit firmly on your table.

Place your graphics. Enjoy the show!