Corporate Information

Albright Ideas is a dynamic computer project overload staffing firm with over 16 years in operation, and many associates within our network of trained professionals. We are capable of providing, at a reasonable cost, project personnel for critical and legacy application systems both onsite and off. We have provided these services for Fortune 500 corporations and governments in transportation, manufacturing, local government, state government, marketing, and service arenas.

Our application expertise includes a wide variety of areas in transportation, airline activities, accounting, inventory, political boundary redistricting, mass marketing, voter registration, mental health applications, manufacturing (both light and heavy industry), and others.

Our clients have complimented our strengths by holding our services for long term contracts and giving us repeat business. If a client isn't satisfied, we are not satisfied. We work to make sure all our projects meet client specifications by working with the client on an ongoing basis to make sure we are both "on the same page", "speaking the same language", and exceeding expectations. We ensure that working hard as a team, the project gets done within time constraints, and with client approval. We are proud that all of our "trial" periods for our consultants have lead to long term relationships with our clients, and that our contracts have been renewed again and again.

We know that you will be pleased with our services. Why not drop us a line today and see what relationship we can start?